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Qurratulain (Annie)

Hey  there y’all, Qurratulain is an expert, who wants to DIY ALL THE THINGS.  After her studies, she started her career as a graphic designer and then everything she learned by experimentation and the DIY spirit. Always trying to try new things, many years of figuring things out, she wanted to start giving back in the same way she learned her projects and started sharing them with people. After getting a good feedback, now Qurratulain has started experimenting in mixing various art techniques  like  3d printing, 3d modelling, graphic design, pixel art, jewelry design, calligraphy, mughal miniature art, traditional truck art, boardgames, card games and 3D printed puzzles of buildings, etc., are just a few examples. She started to make almost everything creative.

She  believes that every design needs to be attractive, eye-catching, unique and appropriate for its intended purpose. She has excellent experience in creating all these things. She ensures you that you will get the best quality services as well as the quickest work and she will put maximum effort for you.


Recently, as a team leader, Qurratulain won station-1 of Weighstation’s WS-call-2018. This call focused on cultural projects related to the city of Bolzano in north of Italy. So the focus was on representing the historic expansion of the city of Bolzano using 3D printing and projections where, she represented the expansion of the city in various 3D printed forms. All major/famous iconic buildings of the city were 3D modeled and then 3D printed to-the-scale. These were presented in the form of a physical timeline, with textures on the buildings projected on the models with respect to the year of construction. Old maps and paintings of cityscape were manually matched with current maps to create an animation depicting the changes in city boundaries. This animation was projected on a 3D printed model of the whole city in the form of hexagon shaped tiles. Furthermore, a unique chessboard with chess-pieces focused on city’s architecture, a board-game, and 3D printed puzzles of buildings were also part of the exhibit.


Qurratulain is now focusing on further experimenting in 3D printing as an art medium, as well as on creating new cardgames with a cultural aspect. She is always up for learning new techniques, trying new mediums, or taking up a new challenging projects at any time ! Hit her up with your dream ideas qurratulainmehdi[at]

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